Technology Services

Technology is more important than ever. Why hire a team locally when you can outsource and save up to 75%. India has millions of experienced participants in the technology sector who can work at all hours of the day, and 7 days a week if necessary. But they cost less than ½ of what their American counterparts demand. draws from this very talented pool who can offer the following services below:

IT Solutions

Currently, a large percentage of American Software companies outsource IT to India for 3 reasons :

1) The cost in India is significantly less;


Software Engineering

Many of our virtual assistants have technical expertise. They have experience, are armed with the latest knowledge of technology, and


Mobile App Development

Hire your expert or experts to get custom applications for all operating systems. Our developers have years of experience in games and application development.


Architects and Engineers

Civil engineering, AutoCAD design, architecture and embedded hardware development are among the many things our skilled, experienced professionals


Animation and Multimedia

You now have the chance to hire experienced animation and multimedia professionals to provide innovative solutions with a fast turnaround time.


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