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Currently, a large percentage of American Software companies outsource IT to India for 3 reasons:

1) The cost in India is significantly less;

2) The knowledge and expertise levels are comparable between the U.S. and India and Eastern Europe; 

3) Technology and communications are so advanced that being a half a world away is no longer an issue.

Dedicated programmers and developers are available for hire for PHP, C++, .net, JAVA, Python, Action Script

  • Hire an individual or a team.
  • Virtual Employees are dedicated to your company only.
  • We have a massive database of programmers and developers from which to choose.
  • Candidates are prescreened to aid in your selection.
  • We interview candidates until you find the right one or ones you need. You can even give them tests.
  • All selected candidates are ready to work straight away.


Your software developer accomplishes tasks from Java programming, .net programming, VB.NET development and application development.

- Java Programming

- .net Programming

- VB.NET Development

- Custom Software Development

- Application Development

- Python Programming

- Flex Programming


CMS developers can create custom content management systems.

- Drupal Development Services

- WordPress Development

- Typo3 Development

- Magento Development Services

- TYPOlight Development

- ExpressionEngine Development


Our Virtual Employees can create streamlined database management systems.


- Relational Database Management Systems

- Network Databases

- Data Mining

- Object-Oriented Databases


Our dedicated website developers can create your programming and development requirements.

- Website Development

- HTML Development

- PHP Programming

- Ajax Development

- ASP Programming

- J2EE Programming

- ASP. Net Development Service

- ASP Programming


This Virtual Employee(s) can handle all your software testing requirements.

- Automated Software Testing

- Manual Software Testing

- White Box Testing

- Black Box Testing


Hire and work with experienced pros who can provide unique Ecommerce solutions.

- Ecommerce Marketing

- SSL Certificates

- Magento Development

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