Keep Your Standards High and Costs Low
  • Your remote Virtual Employee can work real-time on your computer system
  • Our 24/7 IT team surveils internet traffic
  • Your remote Virtual Employee can work from a cloud environment
  • Email accounts and websites can be restricted

When confidential information leaves its place of origin, data security becomes an issue. This is why WWW.EPLOY247.COM takes strict measures to guard against data theft. When a client uses us, this is what they can expect:

  1. If the client wishes, the Virtual Employee can work in a virtual environment in which the remote employee’s computer and keyboard are connected into the client’s system. All client data is stored on the client’s server in his home office or country, and not on the Virtual Employee’s desktop.
  2. The second type of virtualization involves storing client’s data on WWW.EPLOY247.COM virtual servers and not on Virtual Employee’s PC or laptop. Upon request, client can have IT install Linux Operating System on Virtual Employee’s system to create the desired virtual work environment.
  3. Client can access Virtual Employee’s work system at any time.
  4. Websites and web mails can be blocked on the Virtual Employee’s system, at the request of the client, to further secure data.
  5. WWW.EPLOY247.COM is under constant surveillance by the IT team, and has its own sonic firewall scanning traffic continuously.
  6. Every Virtual Employee’s system has the latest anti-virus and anti-spamming programs.

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