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Keep Your Standards High and Costs Low

WWW.EPLOY247.COM is a company that connects clients with qualified candidates. What makes us special is that our candidates are remote Virtual Employees that reside in India. We have a pool of thousands of qualified candidates in a variety of fields with a variety of specialty skills.

Why should your business work with WWW.EPLOY247.COM?

  1. The Virtual Employee can save your business up to 75% of what it would cost to hire a local employee. You don’t pay for vacations. You don’t pay for Workman’s Comp. You don’t pay for unemployment compensation. In a world of ever-increasing labor costs, we provide your business the ultimate solution.
  2. We do all the management and supervision for you. You are then freed up to focus on making your business as profitable as possible.
  3. Most Virtual Employees are more knowledgeable in the latest technology than your typical local candidate. In many cases this can make working with a Virtual Employee ½ a world away easier than working with someone in the same building.
  4. Most contracts are month-to-month with no long-term commitment. When the job is finished both you and the Virtual Employee move on.

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Listed below are are some of the fields we offer candidates for.